Script PhD


Analysis and Consulting

Screenwriting is a highly competitive field and the industry requires scripts to be tight, compelling and ‘bulletproof’. One should especially refine a work if it is to be an independent or calling card. 

I have worked with many beginning and established clients to help them discover and forge their stories, offering comprehensive, objective feedback to strengthen screenplays, teleplays, outlines and treatments. I will work in tandem with you from idea stage to final, submitted project.  

My thorough analysis and consultation evaluates aspects from theme, conflict, tone, characters, dialogue, structure, pacing, production values, career Istrategy, marketability and formatting..

I utilize custom structural models, as well as reference the insights of Joseph Campbell, Christopher Vogler, Caroline Myss, Syd Field, Viki King, Scott Myers and other luminaries in the field.  

With respect, nurturing and encouragement, I can help storytellers identify the strengths and weaknesses of their work with conscientious, comprehensive feedback. 


Writing and Development

Whatever the stage, I can assist in defining your story, creating outlines, treatments, dialogue, structural maps and help generate a first - or final - draft. I specialize in literary adaptations and offers ghostwriting services as desired.  

If you have a unique, marketable idea, looking to adapt your own property or one you have optioned,
or interested in having the story of your life or someone you know interpreted, please inquire.


Speaking Engagements and Workshops

I conduct and curate single or multi-day seminars and workshops for any number of participants.  Please inquire to discuss rates and logistics.