A selection of some favorite interpretations.  


Looking Glass

After suffering a tragic loss of their child, Ray and Maggie seek to escape society and purchase a motel off the beaten path with hopes of recovery and rest.  But a sinister legacy haunts the establishment, stemming from a mysterious murder.  When Ray discovers a secret passage that spies into one of the rooms, he begins to succumb to the dark history that bubbles up. 

Gutshot Straight

Jack is a professional poker player who gets involved with the underworld - after taking a wager proposed by gambler Duffy. In order to protect his family and himself, Jack must outwit Duffy's brother Lewis and scheming wife May, both of whom are trying to force him into murdering the other. Jack seeks the help of Paulie Trunks, a loan shark who is looking to collect in on Jack's poker debts and wants to protect his investment.

Mojave Phone Booth 

In the middle of the Mojave desert rests an abandoned phone booth riddled with bullet holes, graffiti, its windows broken, but otherwise functioning. Its identity was born on the Internet. For years, travelers would make the trek down a lonely dirt road and camp next to the booth in the hopes that it might suddenly ring, and they could connect with a stranger (often from another country) on the other end of the line. This is the story of four disparate people whose lives intersect with this mystical outpost, and the comfort they seek from a stranger's voice.

Moving Alan 

When Emily arrives at her estranged sister Melissa’s home after an emergency phone call, she encounters a truly dire situation: Melissa’s husband is dead and she believes she’ll be blamed for killing him. Emily agrees to help Melissa hide the body, and the two embark on a journey of rediscovering their lost relationship and finding themselves, while encountering some very bizarre characters along the way.