Quotes to Face the Day

Compiled by Jerry Rapp


During my formative years, my mother would constantly tape a handwritten quote, newspaper clipping (with a quote highlighted) or fortune cookie saying to my bathroom mirror.  Quotes have always been something of an elixir, and they tend to find ways of applying to my situation at hand. 

Other’s, it turns out, too. Countless friends have conveyed how much they enjoy the historic revisitations to quotes, and the particular relevance to their current situations. I have since been inspired to compile my own collection and post them frequently on social media.  

It has been a pleasurable compulsion, and with encouragement of friends and family, I have published an inaugural set of inspirational quotes in what I hope will lead to many more volumes. 

The pages can be kept bound or removed individually to place around your house, in a card, or left for someone special to see.  Each page features a poignant, timely insight said or published by all manner of individuals who have shaped our times, from Voltaire to Dr. Seuss.    

This one-of-a-kind offering is available for $10 per book or 3 books for $25.

In addition, each month I will be choosing a charity organization to support quarterly as each volume is released, from animal rescue groups to oversees caretakers to civil liberties protectors.  

If you’ve ever been affected or inspired by having great quotes around you, please click button below to acquire an individual booklet or set to pay forward.  It only takes a moment of your time but will mean so very much! 

Much gratitude to you all, 

Jerry Rapp

Quotes To Face The Day
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